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Showing posts from July, 2017

Smorey and Oreo

A quick commercial spot I worked on for Oreo, Smoooreeey the unidentifiable forest creeeature!

Power Moves aka "Dadboner" Pilot!

A pilot I worked on a couple years ago, enjoy! Animating Guy Fieri kicking off a chefs head was one of my favorite scenes I've ever animated!

Woo! T-shirts

I just posted a new t-shirt design last week with my favorite Ultraman kaiju, Woo! ... That's actually his name "Woo" not just that I'm excited, although I am also excited.. so Woo! Here are the Woo shirts!
Woo Mondays!
And if you don't like text on your shirts:
More t-shirts here: DrMadness shirts

Welcome to my new blog!

Hey, so this is my new blog!
This is my old one: in case you're wondering.
I'll be posting new things here though so bookmark this one! :P
Anyway.. Hi, I'm Nick! I've worked as a 2D animator for the last 10 years, working on projects ranging from Mike Judge's Tales from the Tour Bus (to air later in 2017), and Metalocalypse, to web ads or Subway and Oreo and Educational programming. I'll be using this site to showcase my work!
Thanks for reading!
-Nick Bane