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Woo! T-shirts

I just posted a new t-shirt design last week with my favorite Ultraman kaiju, Woo! ... That's actually his name "Woo" not just that I'm excited, although I am also excited.. so Woo! Here are the Woo shirts!
Woo Mondays!
And if you don't like text on your shirts:
More t-shirts here: DrMadness shirts


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Tales from the Tourbus Season 2 Storyboards

Here are some samples of my boards for Tourbus season 2! Due to the nature of such a fast paced documentary series, you'll notice a these boards are a lot more rough than you may expect, but instead of being misleading by cleaning them up after the fact I wanted to post what the actual boards looked like! Enjoy!

207MD_SB_JimmyAndTerryFired_NB_V06 from Nick Bane on Vimeo.

I'll try to update this as episodes air! Thanks!

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