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Tales from the Tourbus season 1 storyboards

Some Storyboards I did for season one of Tales from the Tourbus. This was from the Blaze Foley episode, three separate sections where Blaze is trying to sell an old guitar. Something that is unique to Tales from the Tourbus is that we work fast so the boards stay rough, instead of cleaning these up and posting them as if thats how we work, I wanted to show you actual work done for the show.

Here is one, from the Waylon Jennings part2 Episode, where Waylon is messing with Billie-Joe Shaver. Its on purpose that he's missing fingers at the end ;)


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Tales from the Tourbus Season 2 Storyboards

Here are some samples of my boards for Tourbus season 2! Due to the nature of such a fast paced documentary series, you'll notice a these boards are a lot more rough than you may expect, but instead of being misleading by cleaning them up after the fact I wanted to post what the actual boards looked like! Enjoy!

207MD_SB_JimmyAndTerryFired_NB_V06 from Nick Bane on Vimeo.

I'll try to update this as episodes air! Thanks!

Mike Judge presents: Tales from the Tour Bus! Waylon Jennings part 2 teaser

Looking forward to this one! I boarded, designed, and animated on this episode!