Mike Judge presents: Tales from the Tour Bus! Waylon Jennings part 2 teaser

Looking forward to this one! I boarded, designed, and animated on this episode!


Some props I designed for Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus

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Mike Judge presents: Tales From the Tour Bus! Teaser

The first teaser for Tales From The Tour Bus! Make sure you tune in to Cinemax on 9/22/2017!

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Smorey and Oreo

A quick commercial spot I worked on for Oreo, Smoooreeey the unidentifiable forest creeeature!

Power Moves aka "Dadboner" Pilot!

A pilot I worked on a couple years ago, enjoy! Animating Guy Fieri kicking off a chefs head was one of my favorite scenes I've ever animated!

Woo! T-shirts

I just posted a new t-shirt design last week with my favorite Ultraman kaiju, Woo! ... That's actually his name "Woo" not just that I'm excited, although I am also excited.. so Woo! Here are the Woo shirts!
Woo Mondays!
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