Things I've directed!

A segment for a larger project that I was responsible for directing. I oversaw and contributed to the overall design, storyboards, and animation for this short. 

Storyboards: Nick Bane

Animation: Richard Ramos, Nick Bane

Character Design: Nathan Palm

Background Design: Zack Wells

Untitled Shadow Machine Project


Ghost Adventures Visualized

This was just a  fun pet project I did for myself. Taking a scene from the show Ghost Adventures and comping in a ghost, that I animated,  that Nick claimed to be seeing.

BiPolar Molar 

Long story short; I ran an online toy store called at one point, and I came up with this character to make little resin toys based on. This was a quick teaser I sent to Designer Con to advertise.


This was my thesis film for my senior year at Woodbury University. Based on one of my favorite songs by The Descendents.