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Things I've directed!

A segment for a larger project that I was responsible for directing. I oversaw and contributed to the overall design, storyboards, and animation for this short. 

Storyboards: Nick Bane

Animation: Richard Ramos, Nick Bane

Character Design: Nathan Palm

Background Design: Zack Wells

Untitled Shadow Machine Project



This was my thesis film for my senior year at Woodbury University. Based on one of my favorite songs by The Descendents.

BiPolar Molar 

Long story short; I ran an online toy store called at one point, and I came up with this character to make little resin toys based on. This was a quick teaser I sent to Designer Con to advertise.

Ghost Adventures Visualized

This was just a  fun pet project I did for myself. Taking a scene from the show Ghost Adventures and comping in a ghost, that I animated,  that Nick claimed to be seeing.

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