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Petria Seymour

Owner, Seymour AnimationLLC

“Nick Bane is a super talented, consistent, consummate professional. Liked by everyone in the studio, he’s easy and fun to work with.


I was Nick’s boss on Season 1 of Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus. He was one of my first hires, I had the pleasure of working with him for a year. Nick’s clever rigs and great leadership of the roto team enabled us to produce cool animation at an astonishing rate. But there’s more! Nick is also a great story teller and storyboard artist. His funny boards allowed the stories to be told with efficiency and grace, working closely with Mike, Nick had a great understanding of his directors preferences.


I have no hesitation recommending Nick. He’s an excellent animator and storyboard artist.”


Mike Milo

Director, Splash Entertainment

“I've hired Nick numerous times for contract animation work. He is a consummate professional, gets his work done on time and is always ready to revise if needed. I would highly recommend adding him to your production team! If I'm not using him at the moment that is!”


Paul Demeyer

Director, Wild Canary

“Nick has worked as a Flash animator under my direction at Wild Canary. He's animated several commercials in Flash. The work was done fast yet at a high quality level The work included character animation, special effects and working with a client. Nick is reliable, takes direction well and works very professionally. We will work with him again on our next Flash projects.”


Tobias Conan Trost

Line Producer, Shadow Machine LLC

“Nick is fantastic. He's extremely fast and extremely good at finding easy solutions to complicated animation sequences. Love him!”


Caitlin Alexander

Line Producer, Shadow Machine LLC

“Working with Nick is easy, because he gets the job done and does it with style and grace. It's always nice working with someone you can rely on, Nick's that guy.”


Pam Tilikete

Background Painter, Cartoon Network

“Nick is a super animator (and I love his art too). He has a great sense of humor and is a diligent worker. A great addition to any crew!”

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